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This practical guide also offers tips for establishing an online presence, interviewing, and understanding different roles and responsibilities in the field. [Paperback, 2012] - Mark Story (Author)

Starting Your Social Media CareerAuthor: Mark Story, Director of New Media at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington, DC. From the book: There are precious few academic programs in the United States that offer true and meaningful guidance on how to learn about communication first, social media second, and finally how to combine the two to become a good advisor. I am going to offer a few examples of college programs that I think offer good practical training on how to become a successful practitioner. Among them are the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies (I created and taught a graduate-level course there called The Intersection of Online and Offline, the University of Maryland University College (I taught there as well), and Auburn University, led by the insightful and highly respected professor Robert French.

Robert French is one of the pioneers in teaching social media as well as in developing a very hands-on course that teaches undergraduate students how to prepare themselves for a career in social media. Robert is widely respected in both academic and professional circles. He is also the founder and brains behind PR OpenMic (www., an online resource that connects students, faculty, and social media and public relations practitioners, offering biography pages (an online resume of sorts), member-based blogs, discussion forums, video interviews with prominent practitioners, networking events and opportunities for extended learning, job boards, and what I think is most important, a place for people (mainly students) to post their own resumes. It is a groundbreaking, helpful resource if you are thinking about starting a career in social media. If you have gotten this far in the book and are interested in pursuing a career, join PROpenMic now.

Since Robert is not only an educational pioneer but one who has a vision of how to prepare undergraduate students to work in the field of public relations and social media, I interviewed him in December of 2011 to get his take on important issues to consider when mulling over or pursuing a career in social media.

What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting

Real-Life Advice from 101 People Who Successfully Leverage the Power of the Blogosphere [Paperback, 2006] - Ted Demopoulos (Author)

As all these people become publishers – and even more become blog readers – the nature of the material being produced has moved into the realms of politics, professions and consumerism. For example, “Engadget” is one of the more popular blogs, a daily review of newfangled and exciting gadgets.

Blogs and Blogging in business are relatively new, so new that there simply are no rules. If there were rules, they would be changing and evolving too rapidly to codify. The best anyone can say is “here is some advice based on what is working today, combined with a good dollop of common sense.” As a result, this topic fits the What No One Ever Tells You series format perfectly!

Despite their “newness,” blogs have rapidly proven themselves in business. They serve several functions valiantly, including: communicating with customers, potential customers, and other stakeholders, as a research tool to help uncover what is being said about you, your company, your competitors, and your industry, and even as a type of broadcast medium as some are making significant money by monetizing blog traffic through advertising and other means. Instead of offering our advice on blogs and blogging in business, in this book we offer advice from 101 people who are successfully harnessing the power of blogging.